Marleau trying to 'take it all in' on verge of NHL games played record

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Marleau trying to 'take it all in' on verge of NHL games played record

Article at a glance:

  • Patrick Marleau is set to pass Gordie Howe for the most NHL games played when the San Jose Sharks forward plays No.
  • Marleau said his wife, Christina, his four sons, and family members will be in Las Vegas for the game, but he's not sure what else to expect.
  • Marleau is in his 23rd NHL season and has played 1,595 games in 21 seasons for the Sharks, including 44 this season to extend his streak of consecutive regular-season games to 898, fourth-longest in NHL history.
  • "I think this is a statement to each and every player that has played this game at any point in time.
  • I think that this is not only a historic moment for Patty and this organization, but I think it's a historic for the entire League and every player that has played this game with or against him or prior to his time.
  • Marleau, a native of Aneroid, Saskatchewan, also played 164 games in two seasons for the Toronto Maple Leafs (2017-19) and eight games for the Pittsburgh Penguins last season.
  • Although Marleau said he's looking forward to moving past Monday, he's grateful for all the support he's received during his run to the record. .
  • Howe played 1,687 games in 25 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings before retiring in 1971.
  • After coming out of retirement in 1973 to play 419 games in six seasons in the World Hockey Association for Houston and New England, Howe returned to the NHL for one season after New England joined the NHL as the Hartford Whalers in 1979.
  • Marleau has played in four decades: 196 games in the 1990s, 716 in the 2000s, 782 in the 2010s and 73 in the 2020s
  • Howe is the only player in to play in the NHL in five decades: 191 games in the 1940s, 690 in the 1950s, 701 in the 1960s, 139 in the 1970s and 46 in the 1980s
  • "Even though he's been around for a very long time and he's played with a lot of guys, not a lot of people can say that, and for that, I think each and every one that got that opportunity is extremely grateful for it, because if you have played this game or been really close around this game, you do realize how many years and how many games and how much it takes in order for someone to accomplish what he's about to accomplish, and that itself just gives you the respect, I think, from everybody, whether you've been his teammate or you've played against him or you played before him, I think, even." 

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