5 Takeaways From Penguins’ Tight Win Against the Bruins

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5 Takeaways From Penguins’ Tight Win Against the Bruins

Article at a glance:

  • Jake Guentzel scored the lone goal in the game.
  • David Pastrnak had just two goals in his last 12 games going into yesterday’s match, and the Penguins’ main goal was to keep the former Maurice Richard Trophy winner off of the board, which they succeeded in.
  • Pastrnak led the Bruins in expected goals percentage (xGF%) and created the most offensive chances as well, however, he was unable to convert.
  • Mike Sullivan Does Not Trust the Fourth Line.
  • Guentzel had a very weird game, he scored the lone goal off of an amazing shot, but he also made a couple of mistakes which could have very well ended up badly for Pittsburgh.
  • It seemed like after Crosby helped Guentzel score that goal, he had tried to repay the favor for the rest of the game, which led to a couple of bad turnovers.
  • I love to see that chemistry from Guentzel, and I am sure it is great for morale, I just think it’s playing with fire, and you’re bound to get burnt eventually against this Bruins team.
  • He also leads the team in goals above replacement (GAR) with 13.10, which shows just how valuable he has been to the team.
  • As I stated, the Penguins have just seven games remaining, and if they want to stay at the top of the division, they can not afford to start losing

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